The Walt Disney Company France

The Walt Disney Company France is one of The Walt Disney Company’s international divisions and also European divisions. The Walt Disney Company France is headquartered in Paris, the capital of France. The company owns and operates French versions of Disney Channel, Disney XD, Playhouse Disney, and Disney Cinemagic (which is became Disney Cinema in may of 2015) . Jean-François Camilleri is head of the company. The Walt Disney Company France also produces content as well with other media companies.

Gaumont and Buena Vista International formed Gaumont Buena Vista International, their joint venture French distribution company, in 1992. In March 1997 a Disney Channel is launched in France also serving Luxembourg, Switzerland.

After the July 2001 purchase of Fox Family Worldwide, Disney also got a major ownership interest in Fox Kids Europe which included Fox Kids in France. Fox Kids switch over to Jetix in August 2004.

Disney Channel +1, a timeshift channel, and Playhouse Disney channel launched in 2002. As of June 30, 2004, BVPD and Gamount dissolved their French distribution joint venture, Gaumont Buena Vista International. On November 30, 2008 at 8:30 PM, Disney Cinemagic HD debuted in France broadcasting on CANALSAT from 6am to 1am daily making the channel the first „children and family HDTV channel in a French market“.

In 2011, Disney Channel HD premieres and Disney Junior replaced the Playhouse channels. Disney Cinemagic in France was replaced by Disney Cinema in May 2015.

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